Worth Fighting For.

A beautiful Saturday morning. I’m drinking fine quality coffee, some of the best ever to grace the palate of man.

It has been shipped from the other side of the planet; where it’s tomorrow already.

With my coffee habit alone, I help employ some cool people along the way, who work at the same place I met my wife… the best wife a man could ever want.

I’m inconveniencing trillions of electrons, communicating with anyone on the entire planet in a heartbeat, just to make this note, and I can do it on a whim.

Not the richest man in history, nor the mightiest king or terrible conqueror, was able to do this before America….

… before capitalism.

I can watch submarines probe that city deep under the Dead Sea, or stream live video from some guy on the top of Mt Everest.

It occurs to me, that even with all that’s wrong, can go wrong, will go wrong…

I am still blessed in ways that would be hard to ever imagine.

Even concieve of;

before America.

Before capitalism.

Yes, I think we should look at it in a different perspective.

It’s “God blessed America”.

It means something.

We were blessed in ways humans had never known, and it’s worth standing for.

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