Trump exposes the rot in our culture

It’s not that Trump’s crypto-fascist campaign is unusual in and of itself. There have been many dangerous fringe candidates in the past, from Eugene Debs to Lyndon Larouche. None of them really had a chance, ultimately. The reason was that the message didn’t resonate with the voters. Perot, the one standout, managed only to guarantee a Clinton win. We’ve been down this road before. But this time, there’s a big difference; an audience receptive to fascist overtones and undertones.


A portion of the American electorate is openly espousing a philosophy that died with Mussolini 71 years ago.  That’s the truly scary part. Of all possible factors to blame, I would submit that the first is public education. People with fathers and grandfathers that died fighting this philosophy and rooting it out of Europe, now proudly their love for it with a hand in the air and a puffy dictator to wrap in their flag. With raucous voices like a mob from The Simpsons, they call for ridiculous and even illegal fixes to problems they themselves supported creating in the first place. They cannot be reasoned with, and have rejected rational thought. Formerly thoughtful men have become chanting drones like some nightmarish and real version of The Pod People.

If we don’t stop this Dictator Baby Hands now, we certainly won’t be able to in January. The problem isn’t with him so much as it is a problem within us. The shameful rise of this Fraudulent Asspumpkin is an indictment of our culture.

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